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Orlando Sentinel, “Find old Florida in Apalachicols” – September 2013

“As readers of this column know, food is a prime factor in setting the Postcards From Florida itinerary. In Apalachicola that connection is oysters, but the historic Gulf Coast destination on Florida’s Panhandle has much more to offer…”Read more!

Field and Stream Magazine, “Sleep Seaside” – April 2013

“At the other end of the Gorrie Bridge, the Apalachicola River Inn will rent you a room with a view for a shade under 150 bucks – which’ll also get you a free hot breakfast next door at Caroline’s where, if the fish aren’t biting, you can relax in a comfortable deck chair overlooking the mouth of the Apalachicola River….And at Boss Oyster you can get a combo platter of a dozen baked oysters any way you like, including blue crab or sashimi, for $19 . . “. Read more!


Southern Living, “The ‘Forgotten Coast’ in Florida” – July 2006

“Locals call this part of the Florida Panhandle “the Forgotten Coast,” but spend a weekend in Apalachicola, and you’ll never forget it.. . . ” Read More!


The Wild Chef Blog, “Are Apalachicola Oyster’s The Best Oysters in the World?

Written by David Draper – April 2013
“Though I still have a long list of oysters to get through, I’m enthralled with the ones from Apalachicola. Of the varieties of oysters I’ve tried, those oysters still rank among the best. . .” Read more!


Florida Travel + Life, awarded “The Best Place to Stay in the St. George Island State Park Area – 2010

_____________________________________________________________________, “Road Trip to Apalachicola.” – January 2013

“We spent the night at the Apalachicola River Inn, owned by Larry and Caroline Maddren of the “oystertown” complex including Boss Oyster and Caroline’s restaurant. It was just turning evening and from our room we could look out over the Apalachicola Bay and river, all calm as can be with birds skating through the air. I remember that view from filming at Boss Oyster and it was even more calming than the memory. Larry and Caroline had left us two pitchers of freshly squeezed orange juice, the same they serve their hotel guests at the complimentary breakfast at Caroline’s restaurant. . . ” Read more!


Coastal Living Magazine, “One of America’s 50 Best Seafood Dives 2012” (Boss Oyster)

“This classic Florida dive, with open-air rooms on pilings above the water, specializes in baked oysters with creative toppings.”



Florida Panhandle Food, by Yvette Cardozo – June 2011 (Boss Oyster)

“My friends and I started our foray at a local restaurant called Boss Oyster—their motto is “Shut up and Shuck.” Still not quite sure about where that name, Boss, came from. But if you ask anyone in town for The Place for oysters, this is where you will be told to go. . .” Read more!